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The technology, materials and electro-mechanical components we use contribute to the quality and reliability of our fryers, and we make every effort to make our fryers easier to use.
Each fryer is available in 2 versions, the “Standard” version with 7200w heating elements or the “Performance” version with 11000w heating elements. For every need there is a suitable fryer, all our fryers can be put together.

Pressed tanks

Made of stainless steel, in one piece without welds and with rounded corners, which makes cleaning very easy.

The tank is designed in such a way that a cold zone is created under the resistance to recover all the leftovers, so that the oil does not have to be replaced as quickly. The shape of the tub also prevents the frying oil from overflowing.

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We are a family business located in Marche-en-Famenne in the Belgian Ardennes. We design fryers of the highest possible quality at a fair price. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff will answer all your questions regarding our products and services.

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